About Erick Escolero

What I Do

I have passion for worship music. I also design WordPress websites. We just established a web development and marketing agency, Omnitek Web Dev LLC. I also do Youtube videos for people that want to hear God’s Word before and during their sleep. That Youtube channel is called “Rekindle the Fire“.  I also have  another YouTube channel where I upload studies on the Word of God.

Who I am

I was introduced to christianity at a very young age. I came to a relationship with Jesus Christ at age 33, when I got baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost. 

My purpose for life has now changed. I’ve been redeemed, forgiven and washed of all sin by His blood. 

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. Attended Monte Sinai Iglesia de Dios in Los Angeles where I served as a musician and later a worship leader. For many years I saw church as a place to be, a place where by instinct I would go just because I grew up attending services. It seemed normal just to go and stand behind a keyboard and make noise and sing for the crowd to enjoy their worship time with God. I, in the other hand, left home empty handed of any spiritual blessing. I didn’t understand a bit, that the God that created me wanted a relationship with me and not just lip service. I didn’t have knowledge of what the Bible talked about. I only had stories, and some bit pieces of religion stuck in my head. During all those years my life was empty spiritually, without any divine guidance and a true purpose in life. After being away for some time, God gave me another chance, a new vision, and He opened for me a new path to walk on. 

Now, I understand the real reason why we worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. There is so much to give to Him, for all that He has done for us and for the entire world. I’ve been forgiven, redeemed and sanctified and made the righteousness of God through Him. Though the world may be against me for being a follower of Christ, I fear not, for Greater is He that is in me than he that’s in the world. 

Outside of this blog, I’am also working on a Christian blog. Feel free to visit Rekindle Network, and comment. 

My past failures will not stop me from pursuing my true purpose in life. In fact, nothing can stop me. I’ve learned so much through my mistakes, and it has only made me better. I hold no grudge against no one. I ask the world forgiveness for any past hurts I might have caused. All because of what God has done for me. God bless everyone, Amen. 

Jesus is King Forever, Erick Escolero

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